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Building Inspections

Caldwell County Central Permitting
Building Inspections
2345 Morganton Blvd. SW
Lenoir, NC 28645
Phone: 828-426-8585
Fax: 828-757-6864



Fee Schedule

Staff Members

Robin Soots
Central Permitting Supervisor
Mark Annas

Chief Building Inspector
Sherri Marshall

Office Assistant IV
Tom Bumgarner
Chief Electrical Inspector
David Scearce
Building Inspector

The Building Inspections Department inspects all building and structures and work therein for which a permit of any kind has been issued as often as necessary in order to determine whether the work complies with guidelines set forth in the N.C. State Building Codes. These guidelines apply to the location, design, materials, equipment, construction, alteration, repair, moving, demolition, removal, and occupancy of all buildings or structures, including but not limited to manufactured homes and buildings.The duties of the inspections department include enforcing state and local laws as well as local ordinances within the county’s jurisdiction. When deemed necessary by the inspector, materials and assemblies may be inspected at the point of manufacture or fabrication in order to ensure the maintenance of buildings in a safe, sanitary and healthful condition.The responsibilities of the inspectors also include receiving applications for permits, issuing or denying permits and certifications of compliance as well as issuing orders to correct code violations. As a last resort, the inspectors may bring judicial action against actual or threatened violations. As a result, the inspectors must keep adequate records if such action becomes necessary. The Board of Commissioners may enact reasonable and appropriate provisions governing the enforcement of laws, ordinances and regulation.General Statures 153A-351 mandates that this service be provided with the stipulation that failure to perform this service will cause the Commissioner of Insurance to arrange for the services. It is the goal of the Caldwell County Building Inspection Department to enforce the building code in the most fair and uniform methods as possible.