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Our Organizational Structure


In North Carolina, nearly every county has a Board of Social Services, as described by state law (NCGS 108A).  This Board is empowered to hire a Director of Social Services.  The Director then has the authority to hire all other employees of the county Department of Social Services and to provide an organizational structure that meets the needs of the particular county.

Caldwell County DSS consists of three major divisions:

  • Administrative Services

  • Economic Services Programs

  • Social Work Programs (formerly called “Services”)

Each of these consists of several units or “teams” (a team might contain more than one unit) which can consist of between five and eleven personnel, plus a supervisor.  Our organizational chart can be seen by clicking the image at the top of this page.  This chart is in Adobe PDF format.  If you do not have a compatible version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may click on the button below and download the program free of charge from Adobe’s website here.

Note that abbreviations are used for titles under many employees’ names.  The meanings of the most commonly used of these abbreviations can be found in our Glossary of Terms and Acronyms.

Administrative Services includes the staff who support the other two divisions (and the Director) through accounting, information/data services, personnel services, and special projects, in addition to the staff who provide quality Customer Service to everyone who calls or visits the agency.

Our administrative staff are also responsible for handling Youth Work Permits.  Download a work permit form from the NC Department of Labor here and follow the instructions given.

The staff who administer Economic Services are also called the “First Team,” because they are often the first to interact with a client.  Among the programs included in Economic Services Programs are:

  • Adult Medicaid

  • Child Care Assistance (or “Subsidized child care”)

  • Child Support

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Family & Children’s Medicaid

  • Food Stamps/EBT

  • Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

  • Managed Care (Carolina ACCESS)

  • Program Integrity

  • Work First Family Assistance

Social Work Programs are: 

  • Adoption

  • Adult Protective Services

  • Adult Care Home Monitoring

  • Adult Day Care

  • Adult Placement Services

  • Child Protective Services (CPS)

  • Case Management

  • Community Alternatives Program (CAP)

  • Foster Care

  • Foster Home Licensing

  • Guardianship (of adults)

  • Medicaid Transportation