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Food & Nutrition Services / Electronic Benefits Transfer


FNS, a federally funded program, are used to supplement the food needs of individuals. This program helps our clients to become self-sufficient as it is a supplement for those not working or who are in transition to the job force.

The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Program became available in April, 1999 as a means of replacement for food stamp coupons. EBT Cards look and function like a bank debit card or check card.  Clients may contact E-Funds on a designated monthly date in order to verify FNS deposits. Clients access Point of Sale (POS) machines made available by various grocery stores in order to make food purchases. This results in an immediate reduction of account funds and clients know, based on store receipts, their remaining balances for future purchases. 


Financial guidelines are based on federal policy in order to determine eligibility.

Application Procedure

Visit our office at 2345 Morganton Boulevard in Lenoir to apply, or applications may also be made by mail, email or via the internet at  Applications are handled by various eligibility workers who approve or deny cases and determine FNS amounts, if applicable. 

Lost or Stolen Cards, Activation or Setting Your Pin Number

To report a lost or stolen card, to activate your card, or set your pin number please call  1-888-622-7328.

Special Information

The Food and Nutrition Program in September 2011 distributed $2,075,264.00 in our county.  Almost all of this money stays in Caldwell County’s economy, when recipients spend their benefits in local stores.  FNS cannot be used to buy non-food items, alcohol, or tobacco products.