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Caldwell County Today Broadcast Schedule

            Friday, July 18, through Friday, July 25, 2014


 6:00am       Commissioners’ Meeting (7-14-14)

6:55am       DWS Jobs Update

7:00am       Lenoir City Council Meeting (7-15-14)

7:30am       Senior Center – Upcoming Activities

8:00am       NC 2014 Blackberry Festival

9:10am       DSS – Clothing Care Closet

9:30am       Yokefellow Thrift Store

10:05am     Shelter Home – Domestic Violence

11:00am     Neighbors at the 1841 Cafe

12:00pm     Commissioners’ Meeting (7-14-14)

12:55pm     DWS Jobs Update

1:00pm       Lenoir City Council Meeting (7-15-14)

1:30pm       Senior Center – Upcoming Activities

2:00pm       NC 2014 Blackberry Festival

3:10pm       DSS – Clothing Care Closet

3:30pm       Yokefellow Thrift Store

4:05pm       Shelter Home – Domestic Violence

5:00pm       Neighbors at the 1841 Cafe

6:00pm       Commissioners’ Meeting (7-14-14)

6:55pm       DWS Jobs Update

7:00pm       Lenoir City Council Meeting (7-15-14)

7:30pm       Senior Center – Upcoming Activities

8:00pm       NC 2014 Blackberry Festival

9:10pm       DSS – Clothing Care Closet

9:30pm       Yokefellow Thrift Store

10:05pm     Shelter Home – Domestic Violence

11:00pm     Neighbors at the 1841 Cafe

12:00am     Commissioners’ Meeting (7-14-14)

12:55am     DWS Jobs Update

1:00am       Lenoir City Council Meeting (7-15-14)

1:30am       Senior Center – Upcoming Activities

2:00am       NC 2014 Blackberry Festival

3:10am       DSS – Clothing Care Closet

3:30am       Yokefellow Thrift Store

4:05am       Shelter Home – Domestic Violence

5:00am       Neighbors at the 1841 Cafe


*The schedule is subject to change to accommodate governmental meetings.


**All government programs aired on Channel 190 are available for checkout at the Caldwell County Public Library.