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While the County of Caldwell provides the information on this Web site to anyone, we retain all content. This means that you may not: distribute the text, graphics and images to others without the express written permission of the County of Caldwell. However, you may print copies of the information for your own personal use. Any other use of the materials is prohibited without the prior written permission of the County of Caldwell.


The County of Caldwell has made every effort to insure the accuracy of the information provided on its Web site. However, the County of Caldwell does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information, text graphics, links and other items contained on this Web site or any other Web site. Such materials have been compiled from a variety of sources and are subject to change without notice from the County of Caldwell.


The County of Caldwell has created a community web site at This policy specifically addresses the information provided on the Web site, along with the links created on the web site. The purpose of the County of Caldwell’ Web site is to provide the public with convenient and efficient access to information about County of Caldwell’s agencies, programs and services. In order to provide the user with this information, the County’s Web site may contain links to other Web or computer sites that are not owned, regularly reviewed or controlled by the County. The County’s policy relevant to providing external links is described below.


The County of Caldwell links to external web sites in the hope that users will find reference material and information on community-related subjects. is a portal of information about the County of Caldwell. We feel that providing external links will assist the County of Caldwell’s citizens in finding as complete information as possible. While we recognize our primary service is to our citizens, property owners, and businesses it is also evident that many of our site’s users are visitors and companies exploring business opportunities here. We further recognize that economic development in our County necessitates the need to link to outside agencies that gather data in this arena. The inclusion of these links should not be construed as an endorsement or sponsorship of these external Web sites, their content or services. Additionally, the County shall not be liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. The County specifically disavows legal responsibility for what a user may find on another site or for the personal opinions of individuals posted on any site, whether or not operated by the County. The views and opinions of the authors of documents published on or linked to the County’s Web site do not necessarily state or reflect the opinion, policy, or position of the County. When you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy of that new site. The County of Caldwell is not responsible for the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of any off-site materials referenced by or linked through the County’s Web site. By using the County’s Web site, the user acknowledges and accepts that the County is not responsible for any materials stored on other Web sites, nor is it liable for any inaccurate, defamatory, offensive, or illegal materials found on other Web sites, and that the risk of injury or damage from viewing, hearing, downloading or storing such materials rests entirely with the user.

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