About Us

Caldwell EMS Ambulance

Caldwell County EMS operates as the primary 911 response agency within Caldwell County, covering 474 square miles, including both rural and urban settings. With terrain ranging from the Wilson Creek Gorge to two large lakes, multiple busy highways, several industrial locations, multiple school campuses, and a population of approximately 82,000 people, Caldwell County offers its emergency responders a diverse, exciting environment to serve.

Caldwell County fields 9 ambulances daily, provides numerous Advanced Life Support (ALS), 2 quick response vehicles (QRVs), and backup units which are available at all times. View our Operational Layout here.

Caldwell County EMS responded to over 19,000 calls in FY2021-2022 and is planning to add multiple new divisions within the system to address the ever-changing requirements and needs relating to serving the citizens and visitors of Caldwell County and the medical facilities in the region.