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Caldwell County Emergency ServicesWho We Are

The Caldwell County Office of Emergency Services oversees the Offices of Emergency Management, Fire Marshal, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and 911 Communications and serves as the liaison for the Emergency Services Districts (rural fire departments) throughout the County. The Emergency Services Department's administrative staff includes the Chief of Department, the Fire Marshal, the EMS Chief, the Communications Director, the Safety Officer, and the Emergency Management Coordinator.

These Emergency Services personnel support and provide leadership for the planning, coordination, and delivery of emergency services within the County. Services include: 911 communications and communications support, emergency management; fire investigation; fire inspections; ground emergency medical transport, search and rescue, fire suppression, and law enforcement assistance. Other Caldwell County Emergency Services' functions include homeland security; hazmat services; technology and communications; fire prevention and education; and providing emergency, preparedness, and safety / prevention-related public information.

Today's Office of Emergency Services (OES) is an All-Hazards agency, geared not only to support the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Caldwell County but also to respond and provide resources to incident commanders in the field. These resources include, but are not limited to, our EMS Division, Office of the Fire Marshal, Office of Emergency Management, and the resources associated with each division of Emergency Services.

In Caldwell County, our planning environment is "all hazards, all risk" - ranging from personal and large-scale emergencies, and natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, climate change, etc.) to technological failures / accidents, to crime and terrorism. OES is also involved in planned events, such as festivals, sporting events, dignitary visits, etc.) in an attempt to bolster public safety and ensure our skills and equipment are kept up to date.


The mission of the Office of Emergency Services is to prevent, prepare for and mitigate, respond to, and recover from all hazards.


Develop, maintain, and sustain a countywide, comprehensive, all hazards, risk-based emergency management program that engages the whole community.

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