SWAT BadgeThe Caldwell County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team currently has 12 active operators. 

The Team

  • Captain Jonathan Kirby (Team Commander / Trainer / Master Operator)
  • Sgt. Bennett Grout (Team Leader / Master Operator / Trainer)
  • Detective Roger Crosby (Assistant Team Leader / Trainer / Master Operator)
  • Sgt. January Riddle (Senior Operator)
  • Corporal Bryant Matherly (Senior Operator)
  • Corporal J. Anderson (Operator)
  • Lt. E Clark (Operator)
  • SRO J. Holland (Operator)
  • Chuck and Dusty (Team Robots)

The SWAT Team is comprised of personnel that have successfully completed Basic Special Weapons and Tactics and Sub-Machine Gun Operator Schools and have been tasked with carrying out highly dangerous missions that may require unconventional tactics or equipment. Monthly Mandatory training is completed which involves, close quarter battle tactics, woodland operations, building entries and clearing, various range drills, physical fitness, subject control, and arrest techniques, chemical munitions, distraction device operations, less-lethal impact munitions, and various other tactical training involving primary and secondary weapon systems. These operators are on-call 24 hours a day to assist officers if the need arises.

Target Practice
Apprehending a Perpetrator
SWAT in Terrain