How can I find out more about HIPAA and Privacy?

Caldwell County EMS and Caldwell County EMS Billing may use your protected health information (PHI) for purposes of securing payment of ambulance charges. This may include submitting insurance claims, submitting claims to other third parties identified as responsible for payment of charges, or mailing you an invoice requesting payment. Claims for payment of charges may be submitted directly or through the use of a third-party billing company and/or clearing house. Follow-up use of PHI for payment purposes may include management of billed claims for services rendered, medical necessity determinations and reviews, insurance company appeals, utilization review, and collection of outstanding accounts. Designated agency personnel, including contractual personnel, may review and use PHI to verify your eligibility for certain services including eligibility for "hardship" classification, medical assistance programs, or other special designations.

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9. How can I find out more about HIPAA and Privacy?