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Station 6 - Granite Falls Emergency Services Facility

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Serving the Southern District of Caldwell County, Station 6 is located at 4 Falls Avenue, Granite Falls, and houses Caldwell County EMS Crew 7 and the Assistant Shift Supervisor (Medic 2). Granite Falls Base also houses our secondary training center and is able to accommodate classes of moderate size. The Granite Falls Facility also houses a Satellite Billing Location for Tax, Water, and EMS Billing. This duty station has transitioned from a primarily low call volume location into the fastest growing segment of our division. The station is affectionately known as the "Midnight Express" due to the numerous calls run after dark, and Crew 7 holds the nickname of "The Pride of Park Square" due to its location within Granite Falls. Station 6 responds to many calls for service annually, and is increasing as the Southern portion of Caldwell County continues to grow.

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