Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Caldwell County government, led by its Commissioners and supported by all of its employees, to provide all residents of Caldwell County:

  • Services that are basic and necessary, equal economic and educational opportunities, and a decent quality of life
  • Governance that is efficient, equitable, and productive
  • Stewardship of all county natural, financial, and human resources, that is stable and beneficial to all, and
  • Leadership that is visionary and proactive in the ever-changing state, national, and global arenas.

Caldwell County's Mission will secure the County's rightful place in the 21st Century "Information Age" by building a sustainable community in partnership with our municipalities. We will fulfill this plan by:

  • Providing and supporting an education system that will produce a suitably trained and educated workforce with the development of the Career Center High School, Early College High School, and the Appalachian State University Center on the Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute campus. This educational system creates a more seamless delivery to students of all ages. 
  • Caldwell County strongly endorses a more rigorous and relevant curriculum that forms the foundation on which we develop a stable and viable economy of industry, retail, and commerce by utilizing our Economic Development Grant Program. 
  • The County acknowledges the challenges of a knowledge-based economy which requires a strong leadership role in all potential economic development projects that will support job retention and job creation through diversification in new and expanding businesses such that Caldwell County citizens can realize the "American Dream". The American Dream not only includes home ownership but also a clean and green environment. 
  • The development of a bio-mass / alternative fuel initiative will improve the quality of air while the construction of a water reservoir in the Yadkin River Valley will provide a greater abundance of clean water.