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ALS & BLS Ambulance Services

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Services - Each ambulance is appropriately staffed with state-licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (Basic and/or Paramedic) who receive ongoing skills development and quality assurance guidance. An Advanced Life Support Ambulance is staffed with at least one Paramedic (EMT-P) and an EMT. It is equipped with all of the supplies needed to care for severely injured or ill patients, such as IV supplies, cardiac monitor, intubation equipment, and a ventilator. Paramedics can defibrillate, administer medications, and perform other invasive maneuvers required in emergency situations.
  • Long-Distance Ambulance Transport - We can help provide a full range of long-distance medical transport options. Call our Billing Staff to learn about this process.
  • Bariatric Ambulance Transport - Our agency can provide bariatric ambulance transportation 24 hours per day, seven days per week for both short-range and long-distance transport of bariatric patients. Ambulances are designed and EMTs and Paramedics are specially trained to provide patient-sensitive, safe and comfortable transport in these specially fitted vehicles.
  • Specialty Care Transport - Each SCT ambulance is equipped with an LTV1200 CareFusion Ventilator, a Physio-Control LifePak15 12-lead EKG, access to medication infusion pumps, and carries all ALS equipment as would all other transport units. SCT ambulances are staffed with Critical Care Paramedics (CCEMT-P) who have completed the Critical Care Transport program certified through the University of Maryland CCEMT-P program. These professionals have completed a curriculum that includes advanced airway management, surgical airways, rapid sequence intubations, advanced ventilation management, and a variety of other training that is well beyond the normal course of study for Paramedics. Specialty Care Transport frequently provides an appropriate means of transferring an acutely ill patient from a rural health care facility to an urban Trauma Center. Yet the SCT ambulance requires no additional staffing by the referring facility.
  • Special Event Medical Standby Services and EMS Education Opportunities - Our agency offers standby services for Caldwell County fire departments during active fires and for the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office special-operations situations. Additionally, Caldwell County EMS provides special event medical standby EMS teams for charitable organizations, sporting events, concerts, etc. Have an event and need EMS coverage? We can design and quote a solution for your small to large gathering. Click Here to learn more!

Am I Covered?

When calling 911, the furthest thing from your mind is whether or not insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid will pay for the trip. Following the incident, or before a scheduled transport, this question may come to the forefront. Feel free to contact our Billing Department to learn more about insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid coverages and to speak to a representative about your bill or potential transport.

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Patient Care Improvement Program

Caldwell County EMS provides a Patient Care Improvement Card to each patient we encounter when time and the situation allows. Your participation in this program allows us to benchmark our performance against our mission and goals. As a portion of our Quality Improvement Program, the Patient Care Improvement Program is in place to ensure the delivery of quality emergency medical care, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field providers, and improve their performance and patient outcomes by continuous evaluation and measurement.


While patient feedback can be useful for many reasons - to improve quality of care, enhance reputation, boost employee morale, improve operations, and build patient / customer loyalty - Caldwell County EMS primarily uses this feedback to help our employees improve their patient interactions.

Insight and feedback from the patient, the most important voice in the system, provides the most genuine type of feedback to our providers.

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