Health Promotion & Education

Health Promotion Activities

The Health Promotion Team works within the community to assist local organizations with policy development and implementation, environmental changes such as walking trails, worksite wellness programs, joint use agreements, and coalition building related to health priorities. Our work is focused on health priorities that have been identified by the county's most recent community health assessment.

The Health Promotion team, with the assistance of multiple community partners including Caldwell UNC Health Care, lead efforts in conducting the Community Health Assessment (CHA) every three years as a way to identify the needs of the community. Community members are asked to provide input into the selection of the county's health needs and come together to identify interventions that target those needs. The past 2 years have put a strain on our community, we are in hope to capture more needs with 2022 CHA data.

2017 Caldwell County Priorities

  • Preventative Care
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health

Current Projects

  • 2022 Community Health Assessment
Quit Smoking
Quitline NC

For requests for health education materials (brochures, data, and information) or health education services (presentation, health fair, etc.) at public events and organizational meetings or events processed, these related forms will need to be completed and returned to the Health Education Supervisor.

Related Forms

Caldwell County Health Department is also the lead agency for SafeKids Caldwell County. Caldwell County Health Department and Granite Falls Fire Department are permanent checking stations. Contact Kristy at the Health Department at 828-426-8506, or the Granite Fire Department at 828-396-2379 if you would like to have your car seat checked.

Car Seat Checks