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Guardianship is a legal relationship in which someone (the guardian) is authorized by the clerk of superior court to be a substitute decision maker for an incompetent adult (the ward). Incompetence is determined in a court proceeding and means an adult is unable to manage their own affairs, or is unable to make important decisions.

Services include:

  • Assessing an individual's need for guardianship
  • Locating the appropriate person(s) to serve as guardian(s)
  • Petitioning or assisting the individual's family for the adjudication of incompetence and the appointment of a guardian
  • Ongoing casework when the agency director or assistant director has been appointed as guardian

Special Assistance In Home Program (SA/IH)

SA/IH provides additional support services and income to individuals who would prefer to live at home. Case managers conduct comprehensive assessments to identify how certain factors would affect an individual's ability to live at home. The services assessment is needed to determine whether an applicant/recipient could remain safely at home and what services would be needed to assure that the applicant's needs are met. The case managers work directly with the recipients, families and other caregivers to develop a care plan that enables the recipient to live at home.

Adult Placement Services

Adult Placement Services help aging or disabled adults find appropriate living and health care arrangements. These services are available to individuals whose health, safety and well being can no longer be maintained at home.  Placement arrangements are made in adult care homes, nursing homes, other substitute homes, residential health care settings or institutions. Aging and disabled adults receive help to complete medical evaluations, financial applications, and to locate and move to new settings. They also may receive counseling to help them adjust to change. 

Adult Care Home Monitoring

Adult care homes are residences for aged and disabled adults who may require 24 hour supervision and help with activities of daily living. Adult care homes are licensed by the state Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) and are monitored by an Adult Home Specialist within local Departments of Social Services.

To Report a Complaint: 

Call to file a complaint with the Adult Home Specialist.
Call the Complaint Hotline.

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